• Beer in soap?

    When people hear that we here at the Steel Clover Soap Company primarily deal in Beer Soaps they often ask "Why Beer?"


    Usually, that's followed by "Is this going to make me smell like I have had one too many drinks at the pub?" The simple answer is "No!" By the end of the soaping process, the alcohol and the smell that comes with it is cooked out of the beer. It ends up with a more caramel/malt smell that can be quite pleasant.


    But back to the original question of... why beer?

    One of the main ingredients in beer known as hops contains certain enzymes and amino acids that are known to be nourishing to the skin.Beer also contains amounts of vitamin B along with other nutrient-rich vitamins that are very loving, hydrating to the skin.


    Next, there is also the yeast which is known as brewers yeast in beer that has been known to act as an antibacterial and cleansing fighter against a number of common skin conditions.


    Last but not least is, it's only the finest handcrafted beer from local breweries that we use in our soaps. Here at Steel Clover Soap Company, we are constantly looking to support and work with a variety of breweries that could very well have us putting your favorite beer in the soap you wash and shave with on a daily basis.



  • If you are a brewery interested in making soap with your beer, please feel free to contact us.