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    We use Beer & Wine to make your skin feel fine.

    Here at the Steel Clover Soap Company, we take pride in the product we put out and want our customers to feel the difference when using our soaps. We start by taking quality craft beer and fine wine from local breweries and wineries. Then we combine them with quality ingredients that are nourishing for the skin and we make sure to maintain a level of quality and care through each step of the process in bringing our soaps to you, our customers. We operate under the focus of function and quality over fancy with all our handmade soaps. We don't believe in spreading ourselves too thin, so you won't find thirty different varieties or soaps that look like food items or any one-off experimental batches like with a lot of the other handmade soaps out there. As time goes on we will be releasing future products after we've made sure they meet our personal high-quality standards. No matter if you're working hard at your job or having fun getting dirty in your free time, we strive to make a product that at the end of the day everyone can use.

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