• Testimonials

    "After a long day of tinkering on old farm equipment, I found that nothing gets my hands cleaner than Steel Clover Mechanic's Soap. Works better than traditional citrus cleaners and leaves your hands much softer. Beer Soap is great for softening up dry skin too!" - Thomas, Grass Valley, CA

    "Love the soap especially the mechanics soap. Leaves my hands feeling soft and not dried out. Also used the regular soap on my beard and it didn’t dry out my skin as well." - Logan, Fair Oaks, CA

    "I got my bar of soap in the mail yesterday along with two wine soap samples and one beer soap sample. I tried the Chardonnay sample first, and I love it. I'm anxious to try the other samples too. I will be placing an order soon." - Nancy, Wheatland, MO

    "I have been really enjoying the Wine Soap with how luxurious it lathers. I'm also loving the reactions when have told a few friends I am bathing with chardonnay. It leaves my skin feeling better and moisturized when I get out of the tub. I'm not typically a bar soap person but this has changed my mind on that. I have told my friends to try it as well. I now use it every day and noticing the benefits of the soap on my skin. I will be a returning customer from now on." - Katherine, Roseville, CA

    "We were fortunate to get our hands on all three of the bars offered and they have been lasting us quite a long time. The bars are the perfect size for fitting in one's hand and all lather up really nicely. I work with my hands all day which leaves them quite dirty. The Mechanic bar is perfect for getting my hands clean. The citrus scent isn't too overwhelming which is perfect. My wife has stolen the Wine Soap since she is a chardonnay junky and she loves how it leaves her skin feeling after every shower. The Beer Soap in our guest bathroom gets used by our friends and they always comment on how great their hands feel. We will continue to give this small business our support in the future." - Gary & Elyse, Healdsburg, CA

    "The soaps are what soap should be. It’s not all fragrance like many soaps out there and doesn’t leave that nasty film. Smells great and leaves the skin feeling nourished. Try the mechanic soap. You’ll be hooked!" - Melissa, Sacramento, CA

    "Steel Clover Soaps are fabulous. The soap lathers nicely, feels smooth as silk, and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. My wife uses it too, and also loves it." - Andy, Novato, CA

    "If you have dry skin, especially during the winter time, the beer soap is the best! I can't believe how soft it has made my skin and the dryness and flaky skin has disappeared. It rinses completely clean, there's no leftover residue and I love using it! I also saw results almost immediately. I'll continue to use this soap forever!" - Debby, Petaluma, CA

    "Before I started using Steel Clover soaps, I always had an extra step I needed to take after showering: applying lotion to my face. Every other soap I have used in the past has left my face dry. In most cases, if I didn't moisturize, the skin under my beard would become so dry it would get flaky. I can happily say that this is no longer an issue because I use Steel Clover soaps." - Cassidy, Grass Valley, CA ​

    "I have to admit I'm not the kind of guy that likes strong fragrances or fancy lotions. Before I discovered Steel Clover soaps I was using a high-end body wash. It worked, but it also left me feeling dry and stiff. What I really appreciate about Steel Clover soaps is that they have a subtle aroma and best of all leave you feeling refreshed and moisturized. Nothing else on the market has worked this well and I have tried many soaps and gels claiming to "moisturize", when in reality they achieved the opposite. I now look forward to lathering up with Steel Clover soaps. Give them a try. You won't regret it." - Giovanni, Nevada City, CA

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